Ville de Coeur is a primarily English speaking global community living in realistic present-day French villages and countryside in Second Life. While most in the community are over the age of 40, there are also some mature-minded younger people here as well. More information, including available rentals, merchants, and things to do, is available by visiting our Info Center.

Seven regions make up the Ville de Coeur micro-continent. These are:

  • Coeur d’Azur
  • Aquitaine Coeur Nord
  • Poitou Coeur
  • Normandie Coeur
  • Coeur de Bourgogne
  • Coeur Franche Comte
  • Coeur d’Alsace
Coeur d’Azur – Ville de Coeur

Coeur d’Azur is a fishing village located on the coast of Provence next to the Mediterranean Sea. It has three villas located on the mountainside. The beach has numerous activities, and there is a dance area accessible from the beach. The design is based on a painting from the 19th century.

Aquitaine Coeur Nord Marina – Ville de Coeur

Aquitaine Coeur Nord is the oldest of the seven regions. It has one of the largest buildings in Ville de Coeur, caverns, galleries, and five of the primary venues for performances. There is a police and fire department, a church, row boats for exploring, a walking tour, multiple trolley stops, and carriage or sleigh calling posts.

Poitou in Winter by Jojo Songlark

Poitou Coeur is the second oldest region. It is located just north of Aquitaine Coeur Nord and features a large lake with an island. This region primarily has large estates, though there is a cottage located along the shores of the canal. Access by canal requires one to navigate through one of the two locks. Alternatively, there is a canal tow path, or one may simply ride through the sim on horseback, trolley, or carriage. The island is open to the public.

Morning Breaks at Normandie Coeur by Lady Leena Fandango

Normandie Coeur is located just east of Poitou Coeur. This is a rural community comprised of a lockhouse, watermill, church, and numerous half-timber cottages. There is a small quiet beach on the south side. Rowboats and ice skating in winter are frequent activities on the canal.

Path through the Vineyards – Coeur de Bourgogne

Coeur de Bourgogne is the first region that has a village modeled after a real life location. Chateauneuf-en-Auxois served as the ideal location for our rural vision of Bourgogne. Several of the buildings, including the castle, church, and main street are located here. In addition, there are a couple of houseboats, a model of the Hospice de Beaune, and of course… what would Bourgogne be without vineyards?

Chalet Vesoul – Coeur Franche Comte

Coeur de Franche-Comte has round top mountains, representative of that area of France. These mountains have several chalets, and several half-timber buildings. A road winds through the mountains, while another follows along the canal towards Coeur de Alsace.

Vieux Colmar – Ville de Coeur

Coeur d’Alsace is the most recent addition to Ville de Coeur. It is based on the old town section of Colmar, France. This village is noted for its winter decorations as well as the flowers lining the canal. It is referred to in real life as Petite Venise due to network of canals.