L’Oliveto Villa

L’Oliveto Villa – Coeur de Amalfi – Ville de Coeur

L’Oliveto has two floors with a tower used for stairs between floors. The upper floor has space for three bedrooms, a master bathroom, and common bathroom. An exterior door opens to a balcony. The lower floor has three rooms intended for use as a lounge, dining room, and kitchen.

The house comes with a security system that will eject an intruder after warning. Privacy options are on by default, including hidden avatars, voice enabled but limited to the parcel. Chat is also restricted to the parcel. You may request that these be disabled.

We can set the audio stream for you, or you may use a radio. If you use a radio, you will need to deed it to the group. However, you must place the radio where you want first before deeding because you will not be able to move it once deeded.

The Village carriage may be called to the villa.

400 LI – Additional land impact available at 12L/LI/month

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