Vieux Colmar au Printemps

Une Promenade en Alsace au Printemps – Video by Maryse Teichmann & Kris Lillehook

The Alsace region of France has one of the most beautiful towns in the country, Colmar. This town has at its center a beautiful old section that is a favorite tourist location throughout the year with its canals and buildings of various colors. In early winter, the area is decorated for the holidays featuring market stalls and buildings framed in soft lights.

Maryse Teichmann & Kris Lillehook have captured the Ville de Coeur virtual world implementation of Vieux Colmar (old Colmar) in Spring in this beautiful video. Flowers adorn the buildings and line the canals. Shops line the Grand Rue and Marchands areas. Boats float lazily along the canals.

Those that know the city may notice that the one way roads in this version of Vieux Colmar are reversed from those of the real city. All of Ville de Coeur is like this as a nod to the past history of our virtual world that was originally built before the French Revolution when travel direction was reversed from what it is today.

Concerts occur weekly in the Petite Venise venue (located about where the indoor market is in real life). The K&M Club meets occasionally for dancing and conversations primarily in French. There are numerous galleries and shops. Rowboats and kayaks are available from the nearby campground. Mini-golf is located near the canal. Walking tours and trolley tours are available at various locations.

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