Long Cottage – Normandie Coeur

Long Cottage – Normandie Coeur – Ville de Coeur

Long Cottage – Normandie Coeur – Ville de Coeur

Coeur Long Cottage is a two room house with gardens along the front and right side. The cottage has privacy windows, one outside door, window boxes, a vegetable garden, a wild flower garden, a pond with 4 single and 8 couples animations, curtains, 2 fireplaces, smoking chimneys, and flowers in flower boxes.

The windows can switch from transparent to privacy windows by clicking the round plaque inside the cottage near the front door for the front room, and a similar plaque for changing windows in the adjoining room. This is useful for reducing the chance for people to see you, but keep in mind that this doesn’t stop people from seeing you if they are looking around with their camera. To do that, ask for “Hidden Avatars”. This will not stop someone from flying overhead and seeing you, and you cannot see avatars outside your parcel, but this is fairly effective against most overly curious individuals.

150 LI – Additional land impact may be available at 13L/LI/month

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